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June And Me...

What's with June and me?

It all started in May... May 26. Knowing full well that the month of May ends today, I just concluded in my "mind of minds" that Tuesday, May 30th was the end of the month and June Begins on Wednesday (today) - Which happens to be May 31st.

Maybe it's time we scrap May 31st or there's something about June and me.

Okay, OK!

Why am I so eager to get into the month of June... and get over with it. - Let's just say I'm gon' start anchoring my radio show without a co-host starting this June and I feel some kinda way - It's just going to be Me, Myself & I and the listeners.

Or is it because we're getting a proper office space - Mehn! My Boss and I went to check the place out yesterday and it's Aaammmaaaiiizzziiinnng! ... It's a Wawu!. I love it and I just can't wait to start working from there. Which brings me to another problem - Apartment Hunt! - I need to move closer to the office 'cos I hate commuting around Lagos.

Or is it because I get to see my crush once a week and I've not had the balls to tell my crush how I feel.

Oh well, Fvck it! waa wa alright... These whole fusses about June will soon end

  -  When I host the show alone and tell my dry jokes.
  -  When I move into the new office and get tired of it cos I want something new and the new place is now old.
  -  When I grow an extra ball in my scrotum sack and walk up to my crush and say "Hey I LIKE YOU" - I guess that's never happening.


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Friday, April 14 was super LIT! - One Night Only - with Runtown was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G 
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