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June And Me...

What's with June and me?

It all started in May... May 26. Knowing full well that the month of May ends today, I just concluded in my "mind of minds" that Tuesday, May 30th was the end of the month and June Begins on Wednesday (today) - Which happens to be May 31st.

Maybe it's time we scrap May 31st or there's something about June and me.

Okay, OK!

Why am I so eager to get into the month of June... and get over with it. - Let's just say I'm gon' start anchoring my radio show without a co-host starting this June and I feel some kinda way - It's just going to be Me, Myself & I and the listeners.

Or is it because we're getting a proper office space - Mehn! My Boss and I went to check the place out yesterday and it's Aaammmaaaiiizzziiinnng! ... It's a Wawu!. I love it and I just can't wait to start working from there. Which brings me to another problem - Apartment Hunt! - I need to move closer to the office 'cos I hate commutin…

Danfo Chronicle – episode 1. – “Ojota to Omole – N300,000”

Danfo Chronicles –

Wait, you don’t know what danfo is?

Ok, Danfo is a yellow minibus with two black stripes that emerged in the 70s and has since then been the means of commercial transportation plying virtually every route within Lagos State. How the word “Danfo” did came about? I don’t know. But some say it means “Hurry” in Yoruba.

So, commuters who travel from their homes to their offices - or wherever their destination may be, sometimes engage in one conversation or the other with one another (total strangers). They talk politics, sports, social amenities, Music… (Yea! In that order). On rare occasions will you hear commuters talk fashion and movies.

I’ve decided to share conversations (relevant conversations) discussed in Danfos here on my blog and to get your 2cents about whatever topic discussed.

Let’s call this; Danfo Chronicle – episode 1. – “Ojota to Omole – N300,000”

The other day, on my way from Ojota to Omole, I joined this Danfo at the Ojota garage and while waiting fo…